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Section 1 – June 25th to July 1st

(These locations indicate our landing areas only, we will not necessarily be camping at these locations)

Day 1
Departure:  Lover’s Point (Hopkins Marine Station)
Arrival:  Carmel City Beach

Day 2
Departure:  Carmel City Beach            (Point Lobos!)
Arrival: Gerrapata State Park
Distance:  8.6 Miles

Day 3
Departure:  Gerrapata State Park         (Point Sur!)
Arrival:  Andrew Molera State Park
Distance:  14.3 Miles

Day 4
Departure:  Andrew Molera State Park
Arrival:  Partington Cove
Distance:  12.6 Miles

Section 2- July 2nd to July 8th

Day 5
Departure:  Partington Cove
Arrival:  Big Creek
Distance:  8.25 Miles

Day 6
Departure:  Big Creek
Arrival:  Mill Creek
Distance:  9.6 Miles

Day 7
D:  Mill Creek
A:  Willow Creek
Dist:  6.6 Miles

Day 8
D:  Willow Creek
A:  Ragged Point
Dist:  13.1 Miles

Section 3 – July 9th to the 15th (use accumulated rest days for a brief layover in Morro Bay)

Day 9
D:  Ragged Point
A:  Piedras Blancas

Dist:  9.3 Miles

Day 10
D:  Piedras Blancas
A:  Shamel
Dist: 11.8 Miles

Day 11
D:  Shamel
A:  Cayucos
Dist:  15.7 Miles

Day 12
D:  Cayucos
A:  Morro Bay
Dist:  6.9 Miles

Day 13
D:  Morro Bay
A:  Spooner’s Cove
Dist:  7.3

Section 4: July 16 – July 22nd

Day 14
D:  Spooners Cove
A:  Port St. Louis
Dist:  15.3 Miles

Day 15
D:  Port St. Louis
A:  Pismo Beach
Dist:  6.7 Miles

Day 16
D:  Pismo
A:  Oso Flaco
Dist:  7.4 Miles

Day 17
D:  Oso Flaco
A:  Pt. Sal
Dist:  11.2 Miles

Day 18
D:  Pt. Sal
A:  Surf Depot
Dist:  16.3 Miles

Section 5: July 23rd – July 29th
Day 19
D: Surf Depot
A:  Jalama
Dist:  18.6 Miles

Day 20/21
D:  Jalama
A:  Gaviota
Dist:  15 Miles  (approx)

Day 22
D:  Gaviota
A:  El Capitan
Dist:  10 miles (approx)

Day 23
D:  El Capitan
A:  Goleta
Dist:  11 Miles (approx)

Day 24
D:  Goleta
A:  Hammonds
Dist:  11 Miles (approx)

Section 6: July 30th – Aug 5th

Day 25
D:  Hammonds
A:  La Conchita
Dist:  10.5 Miles (approx)

Day 26
D:  La Conchita
A:  Emma Wood
Dist:  9

Day 27
D:  Emma Wood
A:  Ormond
Dist:  12

Day 28
D:  Ormond
A:  Leo Carrillo
Dist:  12

Day 29
D:  Leo Carrillo
A:  Malibu Pier
Dist:  13.5

Section 7:  Aug 6th to Aug 12th

Day 30
D:  Malibu Pier
A:  Will Rogers
Dist:  6

5 DAYS OFF!!! Yeeuuuwwww

Day 31
D:  Will Rogers
A:  Venice Beach
Dist:  5

Section 8: Aug 13th to Aug 19th

Day 32
D:  Venice Beach
A: Malaga Cove
Dist:  13

Day 33
D:  Malaga Cove
A:  Cabrillo Beach
Dist:  10

Day 34
D:  Cabrillo Beach
A:  Belmont
Dist:  9

Day 35
D:  Belmont
A:  Newport Harbor

Day 36
D:  Newport
A:  Doheny
Dist:  13

Section 9  -Aug 20th to Aug 26th

Day 37 (OK from Pendleton pending)
D:  Doheny
A:  San Onofre
Dist:  10

Day 38 (OK  from Pendleton pending)
D:  San Onofre
A:  Oceanside City Beach
Dist:  12

Day 39
D:  Oceanside
A:  Swami’s
Dist:  10.5

Day 40
D:  Swami’s
A:  Del Mar
Dist:  4

Day 41
D:  Del Mar
A:  Scripps Institute of Oceanopgraphy
Dist:  6



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