Posted by: thecaliforniacoastalmission | July 8, 2010

Back on the Water!

So, after many days, we have finally taken to the water again.  Over the past 3 days we have kayaked about 45 miles from Point Piedras Blancas to Spooner’s Cover near Morro Bay.  We are definitely stoked to be making progress again and we hope the weather keeps being just as beautiful.

Along the way, we have been making friends with the real locals–otters, dolphins, etc.  We even saw our first whale yesterday off the coast of Harmony Ranch.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t identify the whale species because we just saw a glimpse of it and a spout of water, but local fishermen told us of Blue Whale sightings up near Monterey. We have also been taking advantage of the South swell and scoring some amazing surf in the area.  Tomorrow we plan on making it to Avila beach if nature allows.

There are some amazing people and places in this area.  We are so lucky to be getting a sampling.  If you are reading this and we met you along the way, thank-you.  You are an enormous part of our trip.  Also, the central-coast local surfers were some of the friendliest we have met.  We have a lot of respect for you, and your waves.

Thanks for stopping by,




  1. Brah!

  2. We miss you SO MUCH!!! Please be safe 😀

    We miss dance parties with you. This summer we are endeavoring to bake the most delicious cookies ever tasted by mankind. EVER. We are excited for you to judge.

    HUGS and Isley Brothers,
    Isabelle & Tiny Dancer

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