Posted by: thecaliforniacoastalmission | July 6, 2010

Greetings from Cambria! At least we are out of Big Sur and into the golden hills of San Luis Obispo.

After 8 days of waiting around Big Sur for heavy wind and 8 ft + swell to pass, we finally decided to pack up and keep moving on. We realized that we could end up waiting quite a long time for the conditions to clear up, and we made the decision to skip the southern portion of Big Sur for the time being. Perhaps we will return after we make it to San Diego.

Everyday we would wake up at to the chilly 4:15 AM air, crowd around the VHF radio, and listen to the NOAA weather forecast tell us “DONT DO IT GUYS, ITS TOO BIG OUT THERE”. Luckily for us, Big Sur is one beautiful place to get stranded. We spent our days hiking, exploring the coast, talking with locals, and surfing.

Stay tuned for photos, audio clips, and a longer post tomorrow.

Hasta Luego,




  1. Went for an ocean swim this morning 2.5 miles. Cold, choppy, rough, biggish surf (but able to get in and out), gloomy weather. I hope you guys are on the move again. Looking for today’s post.
    Christie Ciraulo

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