Posted by: thecaliforniacoastalmission | June 30, 2010

Grounded-No Lack of Swell

We have been grounded for the past few days due to swell, and it looks like there is more on the horizon.  This is bad luck, but we have been passing the days hiking, gathering information of the intertidal regions of the beaches we have been able to access on foot, playing music, reading, and surfing.  Today we really lucked out with the waves at Carmel City Beach with a three-hour session followed by some amazing burgers and milkshakes.  Hey, at least we are not suffering too badly with this storm.

There is some bad news, however.  If we are not able to make some progress soon, we may need to cut out a few sections in order to finish on time.  Our journey is to learn more about the coast, but some of that learning has been the fact that we must operate on its schedule, not the other way around.  Therefore, we plan to be in Cambria by July 10th, whether it be by kayak or car (hopefully kayak).

Stay tuned.




  1. You guys are absolute studs!

    Great bumping into y’all at Andrew Molera and Plaskett.


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