Posted by: thecaliforniacoastalmission | June 27, 2010

The Beginning

We started our trip June 25th at Lover’s Point in Monterey.  Local news crew KION, Scott MacDonald, a photographer for The Californian, and our good friend Rebecca Wheeler met us there at 7am to see us off.  The first day went well, and we were blessed with beautiful views, forgiving seas, and a semi-relaxed surf landing at Carmel City Beach.

The next day, Ian and Michael kayaked from Carmel City to Garrapata State Beach.  For the past few nights, we have been camping at Botcher’s Gap, high in the Mountains of the Los Padres National Forest.  Today, we were holed up because of weather, but hopefully tomorrow’s morning weather report will be more favorable.

Things are rolling and we are so happy to be a part of this, as well as being able to share our journey and findings with you.

If you want to check out some of the articles/videos in which we were featured, they can be found here.

Our photos are coming soon.



  1. Note that Serpulorbis is not a worm, but a mollusc or snail. i had to laugh at the image used by KION TV in their piece on your trip. They showed a picture of vestimentiferan tube worms found around hydrothermal vents in very deep water, something Ricketts wound never have seen in the intertidal.

  2. Ian cannot keep a straight face, even while talking about tubeworms.

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