Posted by: thecaliforniacoastalmission | June 15, 2010

Scouting Trip

For the past few days the three of us have been driving down the coast, and camping along the way.  We took off Saturday morning, headed for Monterey (with a quick stop in Moss landing to pick up paddles).  A few hours and a few parking tickets later, we arrived at Lover’s point, the future beginning of our trip.

We did this to mark our daily landing points, and to find and mark any emergency landing points on our GPS.  We found a lot of unmarked landings and that offered some much needed peace of mind.  However, Big Sur still loomed in all of it’s raw beauty.

The first night we veered off highway one and took a gorgeous nine-mile road up into the mountains and camped at Botcher’s Gap.  It was awesome.  For the next night, we decided to sleep on the beach at Pismo Beach State Park (Oceano), which required driving our cars two and a half miles down the beach during a rising tide.  Before we made our way to the spot, we asked the ranger if our two-wheel drive cars could make it.  He hesitated, doing a quick cost-benefit-analysis weighing the money he would get from us for the night of camping against the potential cost of bailing our cars out of the Pacific Ocean.  After a while he replied, “Yeah, go for it!  Just stay near the water on the hard sand.”  So, we made our way into the night and onto the sand.  Michael and I (Lane) made it to the spot after some close-calls.  When we looked back, Ian was a few hundred yards away, spinning his wheels in the sand–right next to the rising ocean.  So we ran over to his car and started digging it out.  Luckily, a few guys in the next camp over came with a shovel and some two-by-fours.  We gave the car a place to go and a hearty shove while the ocean rushed in under the car.  Finally, we got it moving and the car tore off, eventually making it to the camp site.  We spent the rest of the night jamming on guitar, ukulele, and harmonica.

The next day we made it to Ian’s house in Los Angeles and took some much needed showers.  Today, we picked up our kayaks (two huge 18-foot Cobra Expeditions) in Compton, bought life-jackets, and took the kayaks out through some mellow shore-break at Will Rodgers State Beach.  The next few days we will be kayaking, planning, and setting up our gear.  After that, it is back to Stanford to pick up the last bit of gear and visit some friends.  Then, we begin.

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  1. Lanely-

    Safe, fun travels to you Sir and your compadres!
    Can’t wait until you’re back in the Good ‘Ole M.I. to hang out!!!!!!

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